12 Diet Myths Busted

Have you ever bewildered whether alcohol and chocolate are actually good for you or bad for you? Or have you ever wondered if something like a “fattening ” virus really exists? Do artificial sweeteners are better than sugar and assist your weight loss? Did Madonna really live on popcorn alone when she was a struggling young singer? Letís find out! Here are 12 most common diet myths.

1. Today’s Apples Are As Good As They Were

BUSTED: it is true that apples are an exceptional complete food and rich in essential nutrients. However, compared to an apple in 1940 it only contains three times less iron. This is because, if you grow the same agricultural crops continuously in the same grounds, it deprives the nutrients of the crop. Therefore rotating the crops is really crucial to maintaining the quality.

2. If You Eat Ice-cream Quickly It Can Cause A Headache

TRUE: According to research results conducted by Canadian scientist, it is true. 145 students were given 100ml of ice-cream. Half of them ate it within five seconds. The rest of the students ate only 50ml or less in 30 seconds, after that they just ate it at the pace they liked. 27 % of the first group’s students claimed they had headaches. While, only 13 % of the second group reported headaches.

3. A Fat Virus Really Exists

TRUE: According to research results conducted by US scientist, it is true. They found out this particular an adenovirus in humans and animals. The name of the virus is AD-36 and it could be a cause of obesity. Generally, symptoms you get from adenoviruses in human are really trivial and short-term, so a majority of the people don’t even notice even if they were infected. Still, as it is an only early stage of researchers and if a virus infection actually could cause weight gain is yet to be known. With the healthy diet and regular exercise, you can probably control the extra kilos.

4. Madonna Once Lived On A Diet Of Popcorn Only

BUSTED: Although popcorn has essential nutrients, such as proteins, carbohydrate, fat, minerals, and water, you just cannot survive on eating it and nothing else. The amount of vitamin B3 aka niacin which popcorn contains is simply not enough.  You need to eat vitamin B3 rich food, such as green leafy vegetables, red meat, poultry and fish to survive. So, probably she was eating these foods as well or she was taking some vitamin supplements.

5. Radiation From Mobile phone Is So Strong That It Can Cook An Egg Within 10 Minutes

BUSTED: You can actually experiment it. Place an egg between two active mobile phones and leave it for one hour. Check the egg and you will find it is not even warm let alone cooked.

6. If You Plug Your Nose, You Canít Taste The Food You’re Eating

BUSTED: Even If you plug your nose, you still can taste the food you are eating. Additionally, you can close your eyes as well at the same time, and you still can taste and feel the texture of the foods you are eating.

7. Consuming Small Amount Of Alcohol Is Good For You

TRUE: According to research results conducted by researchers at the University of Western Ontario in Canada, it is true. They found when martinis were consumed, only 0.072 percent of hydrogen peroxide was removed. Hydrogen peroxide is one of the most powerful oxidizers.

8. Artificial Sweeteners Help Weight Loss

BUSTED: A study on rats at Purdue University in Indiana found artificial sweeteners break down the link between sweet tastes and calories, causing the rats to eat more and get fatter.

9. Onions  Stored  In The Fridge Less  Likely Make You Cry

TRUE: Chilled onions release less propanil S-oxide, that is irritant chemical causing you cry.

10. Chocolate Woks As  Antidepressant

BUSTED: Chocolate has been believed to promote serotonin levels, however, researchers claim there are problems with this theory to be true. According to them regardless your serotonin levels, your mood can change. And serotonin levels goes up only when the food you are eating contains less than 2 % of protein and chocolate contains around 5 %.

If you eat chocolate to comfort your emotions, it could lengthen  your depression, rather than end it. Since the pleasure you get from eating chocolate is sweet but short lived.

11. Humans Are Enable To Adapt Many Different Diets Healthily

TRUE: It is true except one diet, which is Western style diet with sugar and flour based refined-carbohydrate diet. Some research on Australians Indigenous people found they returned to a traditional bush diet for seven weeks, and they lost weight and metabolic abnormalities like type 2 diabetes cured.

12. Vodka Has No Calories

BUSTED: Vodka doesn’t contain carbohydrates, still it is high in calories. A 30ml shot contains 103.5 calories. The myths that vodka has no calories and not fattening  may have come around about the time the Atkins diet was a talk of the town.  Atkins diet focused on the idea that a low-carb diet makes you thin and was healthy.