The Top 12 Detox Super Foods You Should Eat

You might not be interested in doing a detox program and that’s fine. However, you can still benefit from consuming detox super foods on a regular basis. There are many super foods out there, but below are our top 12 choices.

1. Almonds- They are a good source of fiber. Not only that but they contain calcium and magnesium and they contain protein. If you want to help stabilize your blood sugar, as well as remove impurities from your bowels, then consume almonds on a regular basis.

2. Avocados- Avocados help to lower cholesterol, as well as blocking toxicity that is not good for arteries. Glutathione is also found in avocados, and this nutrient blocks a number of carcinogens. If you want to eat a super food that is good for you, then consider eating avocados daily.

3. Beets- Beets are great to eat because they contain a mix of plant chemicals, as well as minerals. Beets are good at fighting infection and they are good for liver health. Cellular intake of oxygen is also boosted when you consume beets on a regular basis, and this is another reason why this superfood should be eaten regularly.

4. Blueberries- Blueberries contain antiviral properties, and proanthocyanidins are found in them, and they even contain natural aspirin. This can lessen the effects of chronic inflammation, as well as lessen pain, and blueberries may help prevent infections. Blueberries taste great and you can eat them for breakfast on a regular basis, or you can even have them as a snack.

5. Cabbage- Compounds that help the liver break down excess hormones can be found in cabbage, and it also contains a number of anti-cancer compounds. This super food is good for the digestive tract, as it helps to cleanse it and it can soothe the stomach. Cabbage may even neutralize some of the compounds, which are damaging, that are found in cigarette smoke.

6. Cranberries- Substances that are considered to be antibiotic and antiviral, are found in cranberries. You can help your body cleanse bacteria from the urinary tract when you eat cranberries. Not only that, but cranberries taste delicious, so you can do your body some good, while enjoying the great taste of cranberries.

7. Flaxseed Oil And Flaxseeds- They contained fatty acids and they can help you maintain a healthy immune system. Flaxseed can also help with maintaining a healthy brain. It is essential to get fatty acids, so if you want to experience the health benefits of fatty acids, such as omega-3s, then you will want to start consuming flaxseed oil and flaxseeds.

8. Garlic- Garlic can help with things such as intestinal parasites, cleanse harmful bacteria and help cleanse the body of viruses. Blood pressure may also be lowered by consuming garlic and there are anti-cancer and antioxidant properties in garlic, which means your body can detoxify itself. Garlic provides other benefits, including helping expelling mucous buildup that can sometimes be found in the lungs, as well as sinuses.

9. Kale- This is a super food that also contains anti-cancer and antioxidant compounds, which can help your body get rid of harmful substances. Kale is a good source of fiber and it can jump start the production of cleansing enzymes in the liver. Similar to cabbage, Kale can help neutralize cigarette smoke compounds.

10.  Legumes- They are high in fiber and help in cleansing the intestines. It also can aid in lowering cholesterol. Not only that, but legumes can play a role in fighting against cancer.

11. Lemons- Eating lemons is good for you, as they have high in vitamin C and it can help ward off cancer. Lemons can help your body fight against the effects of pollution, as well as cell damage. Let’s not forget that there are a number of anti-cancer compounds that can be found in fresh lemon juice, so consume lemons in the form of fruit or juice and enjoy the benefits they have to offer.

12. Seaweed- One of the most underrated vegetables in the world is seaweed, but it is a super food you should consider consuming on a regular basis. There have been a few studies that have shown seaweed bind to radioactive waste that is sometimes found in the body, and this can help remove it. Seaweed even has plenty of minerals and trace minerals, which makes this food one of the best foods that you can eat when you are looking to consume detoxification foods.